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Hello, my name is Patrice Torguet.

I'm a French Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences in French) at
Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse
and I do my research at the IRIT.

Some information about me :
I live in Toulouse in the south west of France.
My Geocities member name, Hialmar, is the name of several role playing characters
I have played
I have another, more recent, homepage : at my work place (IRIT)

For those geeks around here, here is my Geek Code :

Version: 3.12
GCS/ED d- s a C++$ UI++$ P++ L+ E- W++ N+ o+ K++ w+++$ O- M V-- PS+
PE Y PGP- t 5+ X++ R++>+++ tv b++ DI>+ D++ G e++++$ h r(-)@ y?

Teaching (information only available in french)
Vous pouvez aussi utiliser l'URL http://TorguetCours.webhop.org (redirection grâce à DynDNS.org)

Research Interests

Virtual Reality

My research work is focused on Distributed Virtual Reality (DVR).
I am working on a DVR system called VIPER
(information is also available in french - older version).

I'm also working on the High Level Architecture. Here is some information (in french).

In french : Présentation à l'ASTI.

Of course I'm also interested in other VR systems.
Here you can find some interesting links:



Role Playing Games

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Patrice Torguet / torguet@irit.fr / hialmar@oocities.com

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