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About Me!

Hi there ,
Thanks for dropping by.
So here is a little about me.
I' m called "Gul Raiz Khan" . I am originally from Pakistan & I lived in Lodhran . I was born in Gujranwala. I am 18 years old .I am a student of B.Com. My hobbies include reading, listening to music, writing, talking with friends, and working on my computer . I spend most of my time at computers as it's my hobby and profession too. Surfing the web is very much exciting to me. I love to read , I am bookworm . I read novels, I love to read poetry. Specially Urdu poetry has always been a love of mine . I watch movies , I like horror & romantic movies,  I am not very good at al .
I listen to music. My favourtis singers are  Nusrat Fatha Ali Khan, Nayyara Noor, Asha Bhoslay, Jagjit singh and many others thing.

I am a romantic person , I love Nature , candels ,rain, moon & stars ,flowers (white Tulip & red roses), poetry , music , (It takes me out of the world), Sunrise , Sunshine and babies . I am honest , sweet , stupid , sensitive , caring , moody and sometimes very Rude .Most people can describe me as being an average , typical kind of girl . I come from a Pakistani background , and I have kept my own ways of doing things. I have many values in life .I am always afraid of lose someone, of not being appreciated by anyone. I do admit . I do talk too much. I hate when some one blames .I dislike those people who do not respect. I love all my friends and my family (I cant really show them my feelings) but I really do love every person who is in my life. I am very religious and I like to discuss religion and I am trying to be a batter Muslim and I always look forward to learn more about my religion (Islam). I believe on Allah , I am Muslim (Alhamdoillaha) and thanks to Allah for giving me such a blessed life .
Isn't this more than you expected to know about me?!
I practically told you the best side of me already ...well That was Not all about me , Hummm There are a lot of things to mention but I think its enough.


Our address is:
Superior Grammar School Fraooq Town Lodhran
Phone No. 092-6517-61711




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