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Hello and welcome to a site devoted to the senseless and silly side of the four underappreciated first villains of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon!

Amazingly, this site isn't so small anymore! I feel so happy to have content! Check "Updates" to see which links will send you to a page and which will send you to happy 404 land.

Thank the freaking STARS, my backgrounds are finally in comission again. It turns out that my background filename suddenly changed cases for unknown reasons, but at least it's all back to normal now.

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Senshi lovers be warned. This website is evil-aligned! Rahahaha! If you can't stand the villains, turn back now! Or at least leave an amusing flame or something in my guestbook. (I'm advocating that?)
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Oh, and for the record, most of the pictures on this site are from the site of the great Stakya, which can be visited from the Links section here. Some of the other pictures, however, are not from the site of the great Stakya. See those chibid fan-drawn looking ones? Those are mine. I do not have enough traffic to actually give a damn if they get stolen by anyone though.
Though I'm not sure why anyone even bothers to write this on their sites, I might as well jump on the bandwagon. In case you were wondering: No, I am not Naoko Takeuchi, and Sailor Moon does not belong to me! Niether does any other show I may happen to reference. So no one glare at me for lack of disclaimer babble.

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