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This website is updated regularly but this is dependent on league match sheets being returned on time. It is updated in the Fixture Secretary’s own time and this is done to help league members. It is not a prerequirement of the role to do this.

HIBDL Committee:

HIBDL  Meetings

HIBDL would like to thank everybody who plays a part in the running of the league but here are a few specific names that need a special mention:


Moot House Social Club and GPCA Social Club—for holding the competitions

Graham Tanner and Alan Trowsdale for sorting these Venues.


Frankie Byrne (Swift) for the excellent web-graphics you see on this site.


If any graphics or items used on this site are either copyright or infringe any other permissions, please contact the league via the website email address and we will be happy to remove any offending items. Thank you.


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Paul Devlin

Vice Chairman

Alan Trowsdale

League Secretary

Beryl Cox


Val Brown

Minutes Secretary


Fixtures & Competitions Secretary

Stuart Willey


Action Needed

17th October

Post Charity 3’s Entry + Money to Stuart

20th March

Meeting @ Moot House: Hand in Open Competitions form and money including Masters Wildcard and Team Champion entry.