Hiccup Sanctuary

Do you love hiccups? Are you totally interested in listening to some real sounds of real people with hiccups, or see images of people who have real hiccups? Are you finding it diffucult to adjust to normal day-to-day life without hiccups? Or with hiccups? Do they drive you crazy? Or are they just something that makes you laugh? Any or either way, you've come to the right place. Sit back and enjoy my collection of hiccup sounds and images.
I am using up pretty much all of the space that geocities has to offer, all of the files and stuff on here I have found at Hiccup Lovers website on Tripod But all their files and stuff are .zip and sometimes a pain to view, or listen to, so I will create a ring of sites and such that you can click on what you want to see/hear and it will come up, without needed to be downloaded or unzipped.

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