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Did you know Joe DiMaggio is a Hickam Alumni? Click here...
Aloha!! This web site establishes a virtual hometown for all those fortunate AirForce brats that lived on Hickam AFB Hawaii.....
JPO Drill Jan, 1972
Jets Football Team 72'-73'
Searching for "Hickam Officers Club" memorabilia
List of 1972'-73' JPO names....
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71'-72' Rams Football Team
72'-73' T-Birds Football Team and Cheerleaders
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Radford High School
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Hickam Elementary
Calling all Hickam Hustlers football players. Ckeck out this 1966 picture of the team!
Honolulu Traffic Cams.. Check out the traffic in honolulu and view Waikiki.
If you remember clackers click here...
Here comes Checkers and Pogo... Afternoon TV between 1967 and 1982.
Mokulele Elementary
Go Speed Racer Go....
Did you spend your summers at Bellows Beach? Visit Bellows AFS's past here....
President Truman at Hickam Apollo 13 Returns
Neil Armstrong 1966
Aliamanu Intermediate
Family is searching for REBECCA WOOD!!!
Belows AFS Official Web Page
Click on picture to view Bellows! President Kennedy in Honolulu
Book um' Dano!!
Get nostalgic  at Ala Moana
Shopping Center
Listen To Internet Hawaii Radio
Nimitzs Elementary
Matsumoto's Shave Ice....
Wander around the International Market Place
Favorite Snack...Li Hing Mui
Let's hangout at Fort Derussy
Do you  remember the Dole Pineapple water tower?
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"The Big PINK Hospital On The Hill"
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