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Hello and Welcome! I hope your having a good day. I am Hick Chick and this is my Web Design and Imaging site...the catch...you've never seen stuff like this! I'm a hick, and thats what this sites fashioned after...
What are ya gunna find here? Free layouts, backgrounds, banners, cards, and Icons...all have something to do with bein a redneck or hick...its for us good ole gals and guys, who like to have fun, like the woods, dirtbiking, huntin, fishin, lifted trucks...whatever! I love to get suggestions, if you have some please put them in the guest book, I almost always take them and do somethin' with them.
Most of you are probably here because of horseland or A Virtual Horse...maybe Myspace...If you are, I hope you enjoy what you find and I cant wait to see it on your pages! ^_^
For the rest of you, I really hope you enjoy what you find and can make some use of it...I love it when people use my stuff!
So to all of yall...enjoy! And hope ya come back soon!...And Remember...When ever you see [HickChick] on an Image or Layout, its made by me! ^_^
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