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Thanks To
Bruce B. ' 76

Started June 12, 2000
Updated August 18, 2009
by Dave S. Class of ' 76
Thanks for stopping

Welcome Class of 1976 Alumni

Twenty Six Years Have
Passed in a Blink of an Eye

Welcome Class of 1976
I see that you are now joining the
Facebook crowd. This site will close on October 26. So we will find a new location for this site. Check back for the new address.

Thanks 09.15.09

If you have any Photos that you would like to share with the rest of the class then email them to hickoryhill1976@yahoo.com and we would be happy to post them here.

  • We Hope you had FUN at the 25 Year Reunion in 2001
  • We would appreciate any help in finding fellow alumni
  • Feel free to sign and read the Guest Book
  • Let us know if you have any photo's we should use
  • Send us your E-mail so we can keep you up to date