Hickory Hills Woodworking Club

What a great month of woodworking!

A big thanks to Clarence Peca the newest member of the "Shop Tour Fraternity" for hosting the September open house. His wife is so happy as we forced him to clean up his shop. He was kind enough to put out a display of all his handy work.

We are taking a little ride for the next tour. Gary Friedlund who lives on the outskirts of civilization (in Crete) will be our host for the Oct 22, 2005 shop tour. Please note this is a change from the usual shop tour. Instead of being the Saturday after the monthly meeting, it is the following weekend. We will work on making some of the patterns we will use at the scrolling class.

Breaking News:

See Fred Rizza to order your club wear. Hats, T Shirts and aprons embossed with the club logo and slogan are a great addition to your shop apparel. It is never too early to start hinting for your favorite Christmas gift. It is also enough time to order prior to the show. Wear the club emblem proudly!

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