The Use of Cheats or Codes in Starcraft and Starcraft Broodwar

To enter a code press "enter" then type "the code"

Power Overwhelming God Mode (invincible)

The Gathering Unlimited Energy

Show me the Money 10,000 Money and 10,000 Gas

Food for thought Allows you to create more supplies then allowed

Something for Nothing A free unit upgrade (marine=6+1)

Operation CWAL Faster unit production and upgrades

Black Sheep Wall Reveals the entire map (exception is cloaked and concealed units)

Staying Alive Game doesn't end because of victory or defeat

modify the phase varience Disables required building for unit production

There is no cow level Ends the current game in a victory

Game over man End the current game in a loss

breathe deep +500 Vespeane Gas

What's mine is mine +500 Money

Note:Italicised words=code while bold unitalivised words=effect 1