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                 Welcome to the definitive page for non-bias look at the RAM M4 Paintball Markers. Definitive because I saw so and non-bias because I have yet to be paid off. Here you will find reviews for the markers and all the little gadgets that can be bolted, taped, or tied on to your marker. Also included are the tactics that will make your game better. And by game, I mean playing on a large feild, no small fields and NO SPEEDBALL. If you want to play speedball with an M4 well good luck agianst a dude with a 400 round hopper. The M4 is, like everything, a duel edged sword. You trade hoppers for clips so use your 20 shots well and to use them well, play on longer and larger fields.

The RAM M4 is a revoultionary new paintball marker. The First to mimic the look and feel of real M4 variants used by US military and police forces. To find out more visit RAP4.com

Some the pictures on this site are not mine and are property of their owners.

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