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Royal Rumble StarrCade

Survivor Series


Anarchy Rulez
November to Remember


Great American Bash


Victory Road

The Draft

WWF - 1 ECW - 3 WCW - 2 TNA - 4
1."Stone Cold" Steve Austin Hulk Hogan The Rock Brock Lesnar
2.Chris Benoit The Undertaker Kurt Angle Triple H
3.Shawn Michaels Eddie Guerrero Edge Chris Jericho
4.Booker T Big Show Kane Diamond Dallas Page
5.Kevin Nash Rob Van Dam Ric Flair Randy Orton
6.Matt Hardy Raven Rikishi Tazz
1W.Jazz Stacy Keibler Trish Lita
2W.Stephanie McMahon Torrie Wilson Ivory Molly

WWF, ECW, WCW, and TNA Present: Wrestlemania

Rob Van Dam pinned Torrie Wilson after hitting a Five-Star Frog Splash in a hardcore match...TNA: Triple H pinned Diamond Dallas Page after reversing a pedigree...WCW: Trish Stratus pinned Rikishi following a Chick Flip......WWF: Shawn Michaels won a $25,000 Ladder Match against Stephanie McMahon...ECW: The Big Show pinned Eddie Guerrero with a Chokeslam in a hardcore match...WWF: Jazz pinned Kevin Nash after knocking him out by reversing a Jacknife Powerbomb...TNA: Molly Holly pinned Randy Orton following a Molly Go Round. Tazz served as Special Guest Referee...WCW: The Rock pinned Ric Flair following a People's Elbow...TNA: Brock Lesnar pinned Lita -- following an F5 -- in a "Loser Leaves TNA" Hell in a Cell match...WWF: Chris Benoit pinned Matt Hardy -- following a Flying Headbutt -- in a "Loser Leaves WWF" Hell in a Cell match...

WCW and TNA Present: Starrcade

Free Agent Mark Henry won the 30 man Starrcade match to secure a WCW or TNA contract, last eliminating WCW's Rock...TNA Tag Team Champions Molly and Diamond Dallas Page and WCW Tag Team Champions Kurt Angle and Ivory fought to a 10-minute time-limit draw. A steel cage was then lowered and the match carried on, with Kurt Angle escaping the cage against Molly to unify the tag team championships...X Division Champion Chris Jericho pinned US Champion Kane following a Lionsault, unifying the X and US titles...WCW Champion Edge made TNA Champion Tazz submit to a sharpshooter.

Rankings WCW/TNA Champion - Edge

1.WCW Tag Team Champion Ivory; 2.Kane; 3.The Rock; 4.WCW Tag Team Champion Kurt Angle; 5.Ric Flair; 6.Trish Stratus; 7.Rikishi; 8.Mark Henry.

1.Tazz; 2.Molly Holly; 3.Randy Orton; 4.Brock Lesnar; 5.Lita; 6.X Division Champion Chris Jericho; 7.Triple H; 8.DDP.

WWF and ECW Present : The Royal Rumble

Free Agent Al Snow won the 30 man Royal Rumble match to secure a WWF or ECW contract, last eliminating free agent X-Pac. The last signed wrestler in the ring was ECW's Big Show, eliminated at #27...ECW Tag Team Champions the Undertaker and Stacy Keibler beat WWF Tag Team Champions Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels when the Undertaker gave Steve Austin a last ride and pinned him. This match unified the tag team titles...ECW Television Champion Hulk Hogan pinned WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit -- following a big boot/leg drop combo -- to unify the TV and IC titles...WWF Champion Booker T pinned Raven with a standing leg-drop to unify the ECW and WWF Heavyweight Championships.

Rankings WWF/ECW Champion - Booker T

1.Steve Austin; 2.Jazz; 3.Kevin Nash; 4.Shawn Michaels; 5.Stephanie McMahon; 6.Chris Benoit; 7.Matt Hardy; 8.Al Snow

1.Raven; 2. ECW Tag Team Champion Stacy Keibler; 3.TV Champion Hulk Hogan; 4.ECW Tag Team Champion The Undertaker; 5.Eddie Guerrero; 6.The Big Show; 7.Torrie Wilson; 8.Rob Van Dam

TNA Victory Road

X Division Title Battle Royal: Chris Jericho pinned Diamond Dallas Page with a double powerbomb. Other competitors included: Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Lita, and Triple H...Main Event: Tazz won the TNA Championship by making Molly Holly submit to the Tazz-mission...Runners up in the X Division and World Title matches -- DDP and Molly Holly, respectively, were presented with the first TNA tag team championship.

Rankings TNA Champion - Tazz; 1.Tag Team Champion Molly Holly; 2.Randy Orton; 3.Brock Lesnar; 4.Lita; 5.X Division Champion Chris Jericho; 6.Triple H; 7.Tag Team Champion DDP.

ECW November to Remember

Television Title Battle Royal: Hulk Hogan pinned the Undertaker following a big boot and leg drop to win the TV championship. Other competitors included Eddie Guerrero, the Big Show, Torrie Wilson, and Rob Van Dam....Main Event: Raven pinned ECW champion Stacy Keibler following a downward spiral. Runners up in the TV and World Title matches -- the Undertaker and Stacy Keibler, respectively, were presented with the first ECW tag team championship belts.

Rankings ECW Champion - Raven; 1.Tag Team Champion Stacy Keibler, 2.TV Champion Hulk Hogan, 3.Eddie Guerrero, 4.Tag Team Champion The Undertaker, 5.The Big Show, 6.Torrie Wilson, 7.Rob Van Dam.

WCW Great American Bash

United States Title Battle Royal: Kane tombstoned and pinned Kurt Angle to win the US championship. Other competitors included The Rock, Ric Flair, Trish Stratus, and Rikishi...Main Event: Edge pinned Ivory following an Edge-ducation to win the WCW championship...Runners up in the IC and World Title matches -- Kurt Angle and Ivory, respectively, were presented with the first WCW tag team championship belts.

Rankings WCW Champion Edge; 1.Tag Team Champion Ivory; 2.US Champon Kane; 3.The Rock; 4.Tag Team Champion Kurt Angle; 5.Ric Flair; 6.Trish Stratus; 7.Rikishi.

WWF Survivor Series

Intercontinental Title Battle Royal: Chris Benoit pinned Shawn Michaels following a rollup to win the IC championship. Other competitors included Kevin Nash, Matt Hardy, Jazz, and Stephanie McMahon...Main Event: Booker T retained his title against Steve Austin after nailing a Book End onto a chair...Runners up in the IC and World Title matches -- Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin, respectively, were presented with the first WWF tag team championship belts.

Rankings WWF Champion - Booker T; 1.Tag Team Champion Steve Austin, 2.Jazz, 3. Kevin Nash, 4.Tag Team Champion Shawn Michaels, 5.Stephanie McMahon, 6.IC Champion Chris Benoit, 7.Matt Hardy

TNA Impact

TNA Title Tournament Round One: Tazz made Chris Jericho tap out to the Tazzmission...Brock Lesnar pinned Diamond Dallas Page with an F5...Randy Orton defeated Triple H by disqualification...Molly pinned Lita following a Molly-Go-Round...Round Two: Tazz pinned Brock Lesnar with a T-Bone Tazz-plex...Molly pinned Randy Orton with a Molly-Go-Round...Finals: Tazz was disqualified after hitting Molly with the chair she brought into the ring. Molly Holly is TNA Champion.

ECW Anarchy Rulez

ECW Title Tournament Round One: Raven pinned the Big Show after he inadvertently hit himself with a steel chair...Eddie Guerrero pinned Rob Van Dam following a Frog Splash...Stacy Keiber pinned the Undertaker with a spinkick...Hulk Hogan beat Torrie Wilson after a big boot and leg drop...Round Two: Raven pinned Guerrero after a Downward Spiral...Stacy beat Hogan by disqualification after Hogan used a chair she brought into the ring...Finals: Stacy pinned Raven with a rollup. Stacy Keibler is ECW Champion.

WCW SuperBrawl

WCW Title Tournament Round One: Ivory pinned Kurt Angle with a victory rollup...Kane beat Trish via a chokeslam...The Rock pinned Rikishi following a Rock Bottom and People's Elbow...Edge defeated Ric Flair with a spear...Round Two: Ivory beat Kane by countout...Edge pinned the Rock after hitting him with a one-man con-chair-to...Finals: Ivory pinned Edge with a flying body press. Ivory is WCW champion.

WWF SummerSlam

WWF Title Tournament Round One: Jazz beat Chris Benoit by disqualification...Booker T pinned Shawn Michaels with a Book End...Kevin Nash pinned Matt Hardy with a Jackknife Powerbomb..."Stone Cold" Steve Austin pinned Stephanie McMahon following a Stone Cold Stunner...Round Two: Booker T pinned Jazz with a spinkick...Austin beat Nash by countout...Finals: Booker T pinned Austin after slamming him into an exposed corner, then hitting the Book End. Booker T is WWF Champion.

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