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WELCOME! To the (2nd) thehicksoncompactgroup homepage.

I have a hard time maintaining this site...

**So, there is a new homepage for thehicksoncompactgroup on myspace**. With audio soon to come.

Also, there are 2 Free songs for downloading at the bottom of this page, please give them a listen, there will be more to come.... i promise. Contact me for free discs, 1" buttons or just to say you saw my site or heard my songs (keep it nice, please?).

**PLEASE, VISIT ME ON MYSPACE.COM:**hicksoncompactgroup**

All of my music is homemade, organic and treated by myself, matt pataky. Acoustics, Electronics, Contact Mics, Guitars, Effects, Field Recordings, and Hurdy-Gurdy

e-mail for information

2 SONGS FOR YOU and anyone else who cares to hear them