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I made my own Flatline!!!


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Trojan Shopping Cart

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         Hickwars paintball is just a bunch of kids who go out on weekends and shoot each other with paintball guns.   All of us are from a small town in North Dakota.  When we first stated playing almost everyone had a Talon, some of the heavy shooters moved into the Semi-auto world by purchasing stingrays (awesome gun at the time).  Now we all use Tippmann 98 Customs, Spyders, or Brass Eagle Raptors. We started out playing in one of the players dads cow pastures  but because most people had to drive 15 miles out to the pasture we had to find another field.  A While later we found a great place to play that was only 13 miles out of town.   It was an abandoned town called Temple.  Temple was filled with old two story houses, tall grass, ditches, and  a nearly invincible chicken coop that we called the sniper tower.  That field lasted about a month before the guy who owned it kicked us out (apparently you need permission to play paintball on private land).  The next field was only about 1 mile from town near the junkyard.   That field started out as just a few small hills and some trees, during one of the games a kid ran into the junkyard grabbed a piece of tin and started using it as a bunker.   The idea caught on and soon the 150yd by 300yd field was covered in bunkers ranging from old dishwashers, garage-doors, barrels, old tires, and old chairs to a slotted window mounted on a shopping cart (a.k.a. Trojan Shopping Cart).  This field lasted an entire summer before the city made us put ALL of the junk back in the junkyard. Our current field is located in a tree row behind one of the players houses.  There arn't alot of bunkers yet so its not the best place to play but were working on it.  Check out the fields section to see some of these fields.


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Holy          Homemade Hand grenade



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