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     It's my pleasure to introduce  Hidalgo Equipment. We are an establish company and are offering services in construction and recostruction of food machines and electrical panel, at competitive prices. Our equipment is fully tested before  being delivered, making set-up time quick and efficient. These processes give our customers the advantage of having a new
and affordable high quality equipment and systems that do not have the standard problems encountered with the competitors machines. Therefore, expect innovative solutions to your manufacturing needs.
    We also offer full maintenance of Electrical, Mechanical and Engineering of medium, small and optimal projects in the field industry such as:
* Oven for corn and flour tortillas, Fryers, (tostadas, chips) Sheeter Head, Corn and Flour Mixer,Cooling Conveyors, Vacuum conveyor, Hydraulic Press, Proofer, Corn Grinder, Corn Feeder, Goose Neck, Masa Feeder, Chopper in line etc.

* Specialist in the construction and reparation of Electrical Panel, Touch Screen and PLC (Programmer logic of computer).

* Design of new machines and reconstruction as well as mechanic pnematic, hydraulic and electric etc.

* Supply to the industrial like: Cutters, Rollers, Burners, Flats Slats, CB5, Mesh Conveyor, Teflon Belt, Motors, Inverter, Sensors, Contractor, Buttons, temperature Controlle etc.

Oswaldo Hidalgo
Hidalgo Equipment
Tortilla Machinery Manufacturer