HP has gone into an almost extreme inactivity. I will not stand for it anymore. This is what is going to happen. As the next version is put up, all members will be cleared. I'm giving you notice so as you can rejoin if your intentions are to stay active. If you do not post in four days, and have not notified me of being away, again, your name will be cleared. If I see you fine and active on another site, poof, your gone. You can redeem yourself with a post to me, of a given length depending on your rank. I'm not goign to take anymore excuses that you have no muse. TRY. Ill make a few exceptions to length in post, but dont make it a habit to post less than 70 words. Also! If you really wanted to even play on this site, you'd bookmark it or add it to your favorites. Try not to give me the excuse that you lost the link. Get it together people. and {get active}

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