It's high time
Okay, so i admit, i've been spending the past few months of my life dwelling on recent events. And i let myself sink into a terrible stage of self pity and depression. (Click the Metropolis picture to know more.)

But, i've spoken to myself, and i've decided to move on. Leave my past behind and get my life back. Be happy again.

I just wanna let those who hurt me in the past, know that i've forgiven you, and i hope you'll forgive me too.

Anyways, my recovery won't be overnight. It just doesnt work that way. I'm getting used to myself first. Developing my own identity, with the help of my old friends, who've given me so much love and support. Then hopefully, i'll let myself slip back into a social circle again.

Till then, wait for me. xoxo.
For those of you who wanna know more about me. Click on the picture/link below...

i got my life back
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