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Welcome to the website of Hidden Spirit, the half yearly journal of esoteric thought and practice in Ireland. In conceptualising Hidden Spirit a step has been taken towards providing a forum for looking at our spiritual beliefs and practices on a deeper level. This step will see the first true bound journal on cross discipline esotericism in Ireland.

From Hidden Spirit 3 the journal will be distributed as a web only publication through the website, and back issues are already available on site for download (see Download Hidden Spirit).


Hidden Spirit #2 Now available (July 2007)

Articles on:
~The Scraballah (An English based gemetria)
~Magick Squares Part 1
~W. B. Yeats’s Esoteric Vision
~Liber Numericon (English gematria liber)
~The Morrigan: The Irish War Goddess & Draconian Initiation

And more…

Print copies still available from the editorial.

Number 2 Now Available

Number 3 Febuary 2008

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