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Maria Cravens - 07/04/00 00:03:30
My Email:mmcravens@hotmail.com
How you found us: I was wandering through COG website
Another website you like: COG

Well, I love the music on your website. I have always been drawn to interests of this sort but know very little about it. How does a person get started? I have been on a spiritual quest for some time now. Please send me any information that you think might be helpful. Thanks, Maria Cravens

Hathor Ambercat - 04/30/00 19:46:23
My URL:http://www.la.com
My Email:www.fakeaddress@aol.com
How you found us: search engine
Another website you like: www.netwiz.net/~silverzb/about_z.defult.com

I wish that more information on the history of British Traditional Witches was avalible. (I'm an eclectic witch;like to borrow form other systems)

Dani - 01/29/00 06:46:21
How you found us: nwlccog


meg jones - 06/22/99 21:37:15
My Email:megj@earthlink.net
How you found us: moonwaves

hi guys!

Brian - 06/02/99 05:24:03
How you found us: Sara showed me the way


Julee - 04/09/99 20:09:40
My Email:jwaldhar@asn.alcatel.com
How you found us: Browsing for like people

Wonderful website. I am looking for a teaching coven in the Vancouver, Wa. area. New to area and do not know many people. Thanks, Julee

Rusti the "KatLady" - 03/19/99 17:17:06
My URL:http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/abbey/239
My Email:rustedone@fcmail.com
How you found us: hmmmmmmm... Tony??
ICQ#: 32034663

your personal pages had me ROFL... I'll keep checking back to see how much crazier they get..... lol

Katrina - 03/19/99 16:30:03
My Email:katmitchel@aol.com
How you found us: Herb!

Looking good folks!

Herb - 03/19/99 11:20:28
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Athens/Cyprus/2637
My Email:gwyddonaid@hotmail.com
How you found us: HA! Like I'm gonna really tell...
ICQ#: 32247588
Another website you like: http://www.oocities.org/Athens/7492

Well, it looks like everything is working...so have fun!

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