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Grace Moonkawk
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Who is Grace Moonhawk?

Grace has been practicing her Craft for longer than anyone is willing to admit (and she's likely to hurt me seriously for that comment!)

She is wife, lover, mother, High Priestess -- many things to many people.

Her interests include poetry, fiction, erotica, gardening, magical crafting, the Qabala and many other topics too numerous to list; she has been active in ritual drama for many years, ranging from the first Spring Mysteries Festival in Washington State to guest appearances in The Living Tarot, a Magical Acts Ritual Theater presentation.

Working in concert with other members of the Puget Sound Pagan Community, she is co-facilitator of a monthly women's circle, co-teaches an Outer Grove, and participates in Caer Pugetia, a British Druid Order Grove.

It's winter here in Washington; the garden sits, neglected and waiting; perhaps Grace will permit some of her writings to be posted here soon.

Email for Grace can be sent here

Other souls have wandered through here since March 18, 1999 . . . 
and they got lost too...
and look what they've done to my garden 
(and you wondered what the boxes were for)!

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