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Welcome to the web page of Hidden Treasures Jack Russell's.  I have been breeding the little Stubbies for 5 years.  When I purchased my first JRT which was Zoe, my heart was taken over by the antics and personality.  Not only did she want to play and ride in the car but my Akita's were taken by her.  The first time one of my Akita's tried to take away her bone, she bit her on the nose.  Needless to say the larger dog dropped the bone and walked away.  It was then that she stole my heart.

 I now have 3 males and 3 females.  Some are from my breeding and some I have searched for.  I am trying to maintain a specific type of terrier and to improve on the quality of the breed.  I believe in line breeding to create the quality I am striving for.  Not only do they need to keep the hunting instinct, but to also keep the temperament of a family dog.

 My dogs live in the house and they all get to take their turn sleeping in bed.  My yard is known as the JRT Activity Center.  I have things hanging out of trees to keep their interest, barrels to run through, balls, play toys and of course their own pool to cool off in.

All my dogs are registered with the JRTNA, and are guaranteed for health and temperament.

Hidden Treasures Kennel
Carol Di Rosa
PO Box 457
Aguanga, Ca. 92536