Hideaway @ Chateau Whisper

Welcome to the Hideaway.

Set in the forest, the Hideaway is a place to relax and enjoy for all Dominants
and submissives. The atmosphere is relaxed and the time is the present. Unlike
other BDSM rooms the Hideaway is set, instead, in a log cabin in the forest.

The mountain air is crisp, the rivers clean and pure with an abundance of
fish. Wildlife abounds, while those of the Hideway can be found within and
outside the log cabin and its many rooms. A large hot tub lays off the main
deck and a firepit inside surrounded by pillows can be viewed from the
surrounding balconey of where many rooms line the halls above.

Inhabitants of the Hideaway come to escape the dreary dungeons and
explore the natural surroundings provided in the mountainous environment.
They are the O/ones who's spirits also enjoy the greenery and beauty found
in the pristine natural environment.

Come won't Y/you......and join U/us in the Hideaway at Chateau Whisper.

Message Board of the Hideaway

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Map of the Cabin




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