Hide A-Way on the Gulf Property Owners Association
The Hide A-Way on the Gulf Property Owners Association Board Members are:
Jamie McConnell, President, 233-1501
Brent Harrison, Vice President, 239-1518
Anne DePrado, Treasurer, 233-2523
Connie Sanderson, Secretary, 233-1505
Susan Luycx, 230-9965
Tina LaPorte, 239-1315
Debra Snider
Alphonse Schwenke

To reserve the clubhouse contact: Pat Schneider at 979-233-4651

For any water qualtiy problems, or if you hear any unusual noises at the sewer plant, or see the red light maintenance light flashing, please contact our office at 233-8782. This will help us properly maintain your water and wastewater plant and best serve you.  Thank you! The CCID Board of Directors
CCID's Bulkhead Suggestions
Commodores Cove Improvement District, Click on the button for the CCID Mission statement CCID is our subdivision utility provider. They are a taxing entity a collect taxes for canal and water district improvements. In some areas there is a dual authority with the POA which sometimes leads to confusion.
Boat WakesThe POA has a rule against wakes in the canal. To report infraction you must get a boat name, date and time of the incident. CCID Regulation 4 also covers boat wakes.
Remodeling and New Construction Permits  
Contact Jamie McConnell at 233-1501or Brent Harrison at 239-1518
To download the HOA deed restrictions (requires Adobe Acrobate 4 or higher)
To download a subdivision map (requires Adobe Acrobat 4)
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Texas Parks and Wildlife fishing reports
Houston Chronicle Sports Fishing Reports
Texas Prime Times Fishing  Projections and Calendars
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