Hideko's Page!

Hideko's Page

Mori no Ike 2002...

...Gakusei Rule.

Hey everyone! I've finally gotten my ketsu into gear and made a webpage of our lovely time at camp!
And, oh boi was it ever interesting... To say the least we had a great time, and learned some Japanese.
And...... Here it is! What everyone's been waiting for!!!


I'm just gonna do this link sytle, cuz it'd take up way to much room to put them all on the page, and it'd take forever to load. So here you go...
A bunch of people in the Shokudou. Nothing to interesting...
Aw.. how cute...... Akihito's sleeping on Tanpopo's lap....
Most of the crazy Sendai uchi. Most of it...
Asa no waido shou 1
A blurry Asa no waido shou... ^^;;
Lassie-sensei in her usually spot, under the picnic table.
Mayu-chan! I love that hat!
Scare the seitou day, take one: Hideko and Reiko
Scare the seitou day, take 2: Hideko, Reiko, and Shikibu. (Note: Shikibu-chan's shirt says "You burn well")
Hideko gone goth. (Kage: PERKY GOTHH!!!)
Izumi's gone for scaring the seitou, too.
Aya-kun and her hide plushie. (Aya/Hikaru: I have a hot guy in my pants...)
Random gathering of the gakusei. How many people can you name?
People being herded to play the great game of volleyball. Yes, Tarou is wearing lipstick.
The line leading into the Shokudou. We're all hungry, and screaming inane Japanglish/Engrish.
Setsuna-chan next to her chibi-portrait. Can you name all the Sendai people? I can!
Ack. Sorry about the bad quality...
The rest of Sendai. Doesn't Akane's chibi look evil?
Shikibu in the library, and wearing Kojirou-sensei's hat.
I'm stealing your caption, Takuya: Genki no pantsu wa ii pantsu!
All the sensei. I'm not gonna list all their names...
Go:Let's 'Go' bowling! *falls over* whee!!! (Oh, what fun. Kardboard Kuruma's and Mop Buckets....)
Yuuki climbing a tree.
The Box. If you look closely you can find things like Hirohito's buisness card, and Tootsie Rolls... Among other things....
Go being Tarou's arms and putting things in Yuuki's box.
Go being Tarou's arms again, posing for my camera.
The infamous Chalk Afroken. Only ever sighted on the wall of the bathrooms near the Shokudou...
Hi Ryoko!!! How's the weather down there? (No, I'm not in a tree. This is from Sendai's porch thing...)
Mariko and Fumie make an annoucement. The Sunahama is not open today. Sorry.
One of the "poison-ivy cats", none of which had poison ivy... This one's just so cute!!*nya!*
It's an Akio-in-a-box! Hee hee!
Akio in a dress. Wow, was that ever random...
Another of Lassie-sensei. It's just cute...
Go in the 'Kardboard Kuruma', and the others in the 'Minivan'. We were so bored... But it was amusing.
Tarou driving, and Yuuki wondering what he's doing wandering around in a cardboard box.
Yuuki, Tarou, Go, and Risako playing with the 'goth balloons' that my dad sent me. There were some worm balloons somewhere too...
Yuuta, Hiroki, and Gen bumming around and socilaizing.
Macarena time! Go Akihito!! And Monzo looks good in pink, wouldn't you say?
Hakodate doing their cheer one last time... Hako Hako HAKODATE!
Natsuki and Akihito posing for a picture.
Everyone's favourite crossdressing-dog, Eiji! WASSUP!!
Random people standing around the Tokyo Dome.
Chiizu, Genki-sensei!
Okay, Tanpopo's had a litte too much sugar...
A picture of our last campfire. The fire, not the people.
Whatcha staring at, Koujirou-sensei?
Yeah, hi to you too, Chiaki...
Tanpopo: CHIIZU!!! Hideko: *scared* de.... desu?
Hideko and Ryoko: Raabu ando PIISUU!! (Don't you just love Engrish?)
Yumi: As weird as Hideko could be, she's actually pretty normal... Hideko: Normal? What is this 'normal' thing you speak of?
HUG! And random people in the background.
Ryoko: What are you doing?! Hideko: KAGE!! GIVE ME BACK MY CAMERA!! (Yes, Kage took this picture.)
Ryoko's amazed at the caffeinated cinnamins my dad sent me. Kage doesn';t care, and Tanpopo is wondering why one of my parents is taking a picture...

Well... That's all I have for now. G'night everybody!
~Hideko kruwart@visi.com ~~Hideko and her new hair! Click to see it!Note: This pic was taken by my friend, and she touched it up in Photoshop, but it is roughly that colour...
Hideko's two random pics she has from AI: (Waiting for the others.....)
Pic No. 1! This is the one of me... Not the best quality, but oh well.
I'm Eagle. from Magic Knight Rayearth, holding the cardboard guy. (Lantis) ^^;;

And my Halloween Section... Crossdressing mania. That was fun. Check it out.
Halloween 2002. Oh boy.... How odd.

See my dragon! Yes, it's real!!! Okay, so it lights up. It's still real!
Here it is!! Finally!!

Aaaaaand.... The picture I entered in the Furcadia Winter picture contest!
My Furre dude, drinking cocoa. (Not one of my charas though... ^^;;)

Here's my Elfwood Gallery, if anyone is looking for it:My Gallery...

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I'm back from Japan!!! So I'm currently in the process of making a site for that... Here it is thus far...
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