Hideko's NoBrandCon 2004 Pictures
Yep, that's what this sad little uncreative page is. I hope the pictures are more interesting than the layout. I'm just not feeling up to doing a custom layout today. Blah. Anyway! On to the pictures! All of them are 600x800 or 800x600 (which is really the same thing...), so I don't know how long they take to load. Anyway, have fun! And comments are appreciated, so either drop me a line at, or catch me on the forums as hideko_dahlia.
Randy (AKA DDR-pad guy). Sorry it's blurry.
Duct Tape Boy's coffin being carried...
V as Utena. (That's MY costume!)
Duct Tape Boy's funeral shot 1 - Gojira talking
Duct Tape Boy's funeral shot 2 - the Duct Tape ring
Duct Tape Boy's funeral shot 3 - Running around...
Befu as Dorothy
V as Armitage - "Catch phrase this!"
And again.
Me, hideko, Leni, whoever I am, as Shuichi.
Verssen Werks trio in the hallway.
And again in the hall.
Front of V's costume.
Back of V's costume shot 1
Back of V's costume shot 2
"Peace!" says the Shuichi
Mana cosplay is all good! (Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 9)
Ranka from Haibane Renmei! So cute!
Everyone's favourite -- Kaiba!
Teehee! He smiles!
Everyone's favourite couple -- Shuichi and Yuki!! ^.^
Kelly the kitty girl.
She has the coolest contacts.
Hey! It's my clone!! Another Shuichi
Isn't Digiko just SOOO cute?!
Robin from Witch Hunter Robin.
Monica Rial striking a pose!
And Brazil ":Joe" Grisaffi apparently is a ballerina....
Battle of the andriods! Armitage vs. Dorothy!'
The andriod duo stepping on the DDR boy.
Another Mana! Yay!
The Kawaii Gemini as the Goddess sisters.
And friend of the Kawaii Gemini as Asuka!
A young Link lounging near the (real) DDR.
Gats!! That was one big sword...
And Alucard!!! It's like a real (not so living) Alucard!
Eek. They're gonna shoot me! AAAH!!
That gun was SO big. (Bigger than Gackt's magnum..)
I love that hair- it looks like my cousin's hair. Seriously