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Greetings from Serbia
To all sincere sympathizers of Tosa breed dog wherever they are
With friendliness from one of rare Serbian knights Mr. Dragisa Binic, who I personally owe eternal gratitude, otherwise top sportsman, footballer player, I got as a present, female puppy of Tosa breed dog.
For both me and the members of my family, the most beautiful moments are those, spent with my pets. Female of "Sumiko" is the base of my breeding place. She breeded one Yugoslav champion called "Jr.Hido", 24 month old, 6xCAC, 4xCACIB, 8xBOB.
On his way back from Japan, Mr.Dragisa Binic was the first that imported one couple of Tosa breed dog. These dogs are descedants of East Japan GR. CH. in dog fights, whose breeder and owner is Mr.Hideo Maebara.
My dogs and their ancestors belong to small size Tosa breed dog. Taken on the average they have weight of 50kg and height of about 70cm. My breeding place got its name after Mr.H.M. herewith I hope I didn't disturb Mr. H. M's reputation.
I am trying to make contact with this breeder from Japan, several years alredy, but with no sucsess. In thecase that Mr. H.M. visit my web presentation, by chance, I will be exceptionally grateful to contact me.
I present my dogs only on cynologique manifestations, and they haven't taken part in dog fights so far. This is not my intention, because I consider this breed dog as the one that should be taken care of and loved. Invested love will be given back, both to you and to the members of your family.

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