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DISCLAIMER: although I maintain this stie as though it is intended for visitors, it really isn't.  I use this website as storage for my junk.  Seriously, a lot of the stuff on here is crap.  I wouldn't waste my time wandering around if I were you.
Because I've been in a writing mode (rather than art, comics, or poetry), most of the recent updates are on Myspace: you can search under the headline "Limp Wrist Spontaneously Snaps After Man Becomes Too Gay" or key phrases from my blog: "vaginal fluids", "eat my dog", "and that's when my period started", "farted myself awake", "no wait, a streetwhore", "thick 40 oncer", "squirted a bucket doing the calculations", "sexual russian roullette", "400 dangling testicles", etc.