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Paradise Elementary School

  • Each learner is expected to meet "world-class" performance standards through a combination of skills enhancement and project development.
  • Each "learning house" uses looping of teachers and students for a three-year segment of K-2 and 3-5.
  • Each "learning house" develops outdoor and community based learning activities which go beyond the classroom walls.
  • Each "learning house" researches and develops solutions to local, national, or world problems and publishes their findings on the web and through print media.
  • Each "learning house" is an extension of its members and their families and sponsors many family and community activities throughout the year.
  • Paradise Elementary School is a community-based center with all components of its facility available for community functions throughout the year. Weddings and family picnics are often held at the gazebo and outdoor pavilion.
  • Community theater, the symphony, and local choirs often perform at the amphitheater.
  • The gym is used by the community for recreational purposes and for indoor productions.
  • The kitchen and cafeteria are often sites for receptions, senior gatherings, and "potluck" suppers.Paradise Elementary School
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