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March 13, 2006
I haven't touched this thing in years. Meh. Whatever. But the layout was hideous, so I decided to change it. It's still hideous, but much more bearable. Yet, there's much more work to be done. Plus, it's interesting seeing the difference in the work of an inexperienced junior high student versus the high school student now. *shrugs* Weird day. TTYL!
November 24, 2003
OK...if you're gonna write something in my guestbook, at least make the comment something comprehendible, suggestive, or something that tells me more than "BOOO!!!" Boo what? My site? Me? The anime? Hiei? ELABORATE! It's not THAT hard! (or is it?) I mean, if it's boo to the anime or me (or Hiei =P), it's kinda hard to fix, but if it's my site, then duh, I'd fix it best as I could. For instance, saying the new layout sucks, although, I like it more than the old index, I'd try to make it better depending on the situation. For example, if many resolutions and browsers make the layout messed, then that's a fix for sure. Oh yea, by the way, don't ask why I kept a copy of the old one, I just figured it'd be interesting to see again sometime in the future. Anyhow, I might try finally getting the fanfic and fanart section up (well, at least the page...I really don't have anything to post yet, and hence, SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT!!! Thanks for the cooperation and support (if any???)
November 19, 2003
Wow, it literally has been a year! About time to update! I know everyone probably thinks I'm dead by now lol. Anyhow, major change ABOUT to come up in the images section: you get actual thumbnails rather than shrunken images? (ok, I knew nothing back then) and I'm gonna try to work on a new layout...wish me luck!
October 26, 2002
OK, I'm done my image section so feel free to look at it! I'm still going to be looking around here and there for more pictures. In the meantime, I think I'll take off the old version of the profiles because they seem gay to me now, so I'll try to find a replacement-a replacement that I have in mind.....hehehe-but I dunno if I'll get that far today, so you might, or might not see it, might not being higher in probability...
October 25, 2002
Wow! I'm still alive and out there...doing other things that is...well, I managed to import all the pics onto Geocities, but I ran outta time to put em all into a page...but I got my own pictures (text format) done, hey! 6 more images!! that's something, unless you can figure out how to see other pictures without links shown...hehehe-the links are easy.
September 1, 2002
OK, so much for working on it during the summer...NOOO!!!! School starts back in 2 days...oh well *thinks about it* I mean that my summer vacation is almost over and Mukuro is expecting me to be back in 2 days. OK, mainly, today, I just wanted to post up a link and some other stuff. Oh ya, if you wonder why I don't respond to my emails sometimes, it could be because I don't go to my account enough and well...hehe, hotmail deletes it.
April 2, 2002
Maybe I was supposed to type it in yesterday, but I kinda I'll just announce it now. Well, I'm finally done the group section for the image gallary, and there are 21 images in right now. Check it out here. I hope to get the rest of the image section done before I have to go back to school *ahem* I mean Makai to help Mukuro.
March 31, 2002
OK, I dunno what it looks like to you, but to me, it looks like I have a lot of work to do before I decide to post it up to other links like Anipike. And apparently, I guess Hanazawa Rui doesn't really even remember that she was supposed to help it's all me me me and me now! Well, I figured that people are probably getting annoyed with the scrolling text on the status bar, so I just took the java script out, I hope that's a good change to most people! And I looked at my 5 floppies of YYH images and told myself that maybe I should start working on the image gallary.....(hint hint)
October 30, 2001
I know I've been a baaaaaadddddddd person.......I need to update and work on my site. So blame my teachers! They're givin me too much homework! Ok...I'll try to work on my site... =P
July 4, 2001
YAY!!!!!! THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS ARE HERE-which means more time for me to work on my site!! ^_^ Either way, today I uploaded my files for the "profile" section-which is actually just a character description thingy. But if your computer loads things slow, I suggest that you visit the one that doesn't have any javascript done to load the files. To visit the version with Javascript, which is a simpler version, you can use the link on the frame or click here. Or if you don't like that version, just don't want to load it, or you want a more detailed version, visit the text and image-only version, which apparently isn't done yet and only has 3 descriptions, not to mention it looks a little messy......but if you are interested, click here.
June 2, 2001
Ok, didn't do much, just fixed some of the Neopets section, and I fixed the bullets, cuz the plain white ones looked too plain.
May 27, 2001
Yay! Someone new to help out with the site! Meet Hanazawa Rui! Other than that, not a whole lot of new stuff for the site.....we're working on it still....
May 25, 2001
Darn it!!! Geocities sucks in a way I must say....the only good thing is that it's free. I tried to work on stuff, but it sucks so badly that it won't even load the background color right. At first, I had an image for a background, it wouldn't load I have a bgcolor, and it won't load, yes, you can see black as a bgcolor right now, but all the other pages doesn't @#$%^&* work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excuse all the messed up things of the site for now, thanx! Come back after the summer holidays-it should be fixed and done by then!
May 22, 2001 maybe I didn't update it as often as I told myself...oh well. I created the link section, not like there's any links in it anyway, since it's a new site....I'm working on it....I think...don't worry, the summer vacation is coming up and I will work on it then....can't blame me if I'm still in school....
April 23, 2001
Right now, I have the main page done (no duh, what are you looking at right now?) and the Pet's page is done. I am now targeting the Links and Profile page. The Pets and Profile page is actually just for fun, just to be something new, since my other web pages weren't actually entertaining, just general info, image galleries. Therefore, I am trying to make this site more entertaining, unlike my previous ones. GOOD LUCK!
April 20, 2001
Hi! Welcome to the brand new Hiei of Makai made by Jaganshi Hiei. Please click somewhere on the bottom to go somewhere. Email me at Hiei of for any comments or suggestions on this site. ^_^

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