October 25, 2001

Added 4 fanfics:
Ice by ARaZhi
Ignorance is Bliss by ARaZhi
The Engagement by ARaZhi
Melted by Shirin

Added 1 link:
Reikai Files

May 23, 2001

Added 2 fanfics:
Jigsaw! by Maiji
Will You... by Maiji

April 30, 2001

Added 5 fanfics:
Choices We Have To Make by CyberSerpent
The Pain Inside by CyberSerpent
Alone By Nature by CyberSerpent
Red Eyes by Yosei
MacHiei by Pan
Frozen by Ishida Takeru

Added 3 links
CyberSerpent's Webpage
Dream a Little Dream
Yuu Yuu Hakusho Fanfics

April 26, 2001

Added 1 fanfic:
His Sacrifice by NemKess

Added 1 link:
The NemKess Public Library


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