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Welcome welcome! Welcome to my site! This site of mine is full of Anime and Poetry. Literature Arts from my soul..Fanfictions and many more! Okay, let's get started with the translations of the section over to your right..

Section Description..

First, we'll start with "Lips Of Allure". The first one, of course, is my poetry page. That's kinda obvious..>>; xD Anyways! The second one is Kara/Riku's Knowledge which is Kara and Riku's poetry page. Kurama's Ligament is his poetry page. And last, are links to other sites. Like Kurama's and Kara's poetry sites.

Second, is the section, "Biographical Genetic Identidy". Mostly all you need to know is that all these have to do with the people interactive with my site. And I will add a page for the random people that constantly want to add things. Like those fan sites. xD I wuv you, guys. >>;

Next, is the section of, "Fanfictional Luscious Taste". Now, these are fanfictions. The first one, "Pure Angels Fly" is InuYasha. The second one, "Demons Roam The Land" is Yu Yu Hakusho. "Other tastes" are other things like Video Game Fanfics or Other Animes. Then, Random Choices is where you lucky people who want to put your fanfictions on my site go. >>

The last section, "Speciality Of Art" is where all the artistic things come in. Like Doujinshis. Caution. These are Yaoi. Atleast some. Mostly. I love Yaoi. So..>> "My Singing Soul" is where I put up my lyrics to songs I make. Maybe even audio files. MAYBE. "Quizzical Mind" is just plain quizzys. And the last page.."Fan Artistic Charm" is just your's people fanart if you want it there!


A new banner! Finally I know.

Another awesome site I fell inlove with the radio is: If you are dark as me and into gothic music or just plain dark music. Here's the place. It's simply charming. The site layout and design is fantastic. I just fell deeply inlove with this site.