HieroGlyph Library

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Due to the sheer amount of traffic received to the website, and the number of download requests, we have been forced to leave our old Geocities server (which was totally free, and which we were entirely happy with) and look elsewhere. This means that the site will no longer be accessable for downloads or information regarding Hieroglyph Library programs. If you are interested in downloading the software duing our swap-over to our new servers, then click the link below.

Click here to download 'HieroGlyph Library V0.4' from 'download.com'.

Please note that all downloads contain full program instructions, and help files so you should have no problems with the software. However, if you have any other quieries, you can contact the team here : Hieroglyph_Library@yahoo.co.uk

Below is the Registration code required for the HieroGlyph Library software This code will work on versions 0.3 and 0.4 of the software). Simply cut and paste this code into the program where requested, and your copy should then be registered.