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todd & melanie's ministry homepage
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**3.29 - community dinner/Lord's supper

**4.07 - baptism during the sunday service

4.20 - bristol ministry

- chip and putt/putt putt family outing

**5.11 - ladies tea

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Close your eyes and
imagine for a minute (okay, so you can’t close your eyes while you read, but you know what I mean).  Imagine that you are a law student and you are heading into law school for your first few years. To make it through, you will obviously have to find a job to pay your bills. Your struggle is that you will need a job that will allow you time to study. After much searching, you find yourself having to drive a delivery truck for a local grocery store. The pay is good and you are able to make ends meet financially. The hours are also reasonable so you are able to get studying done. All is great! Right?

Before you answer,
imagine again you are that same law student looking for a job. But, instead of driving that delivery truck, you find an internship at a small, but growing law office, which gives you the same income. You are working under two or three successful lawyers who are able to mentor you and teach you what real-life law is all about. They are able to show you how what you are learning in the classroom transfers to the actual job.  Instead of being distracted with a job that does not directly apply to your education, you are working hands on in your field all the way through your training. This is obviously a more desirable situation to learn than in the first scenario.

While Todd is certainly not studying law (we would all be in trouble if that were the case!), he is working on his
Master of Divinity degree at Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, PA. Up until last summer (2001) he had been working full time at Philadelphia Biblical University in the Security Department. However, holding a full-time job while attempting to attend seminary full-time did not allow much time for ministry opportunities. Our prayer was that God would provide a way for us to be involved in ministry while attending seminary.

In comes
Student Ministries, Inc. and Jericho Valley Church. SMI is a mission organization located in the Portland, OR area which provides seminary students an opportunity to be involved in ministry while attending seminary. They do this by “contracting” with the students to do ministry projects for local churches, mission organizations, campus ministries, etc. They help students raise support for their ministry projects. In its most basic sense then, we are missionaries to the people of Jericho Valley Church.

This website gives more details about our ministry and responsibilitie please feel free to "surf" around and maybe even take a minute to drop us and
e-mail and let us know what you think!