Welcome to my ROSES GARDEN

Thank everybody so much for coming. First of all, allow me to have some words about me. My name is Lucky Nhieu Qui. I came to the United States in October 1992, and settled in Orange County, California since then.
In regard to my age, I am still young, very young...at least in heart and mind, and you know, the trick in my life is growing up without growing old, and "Those who love deeply never grow old."
Indeed, when I was graduated from Golden West College with Associate in Arts degree in May 1998, they called me "the youngest student". (J/K)
But, don't believe in my words. I'm not so smart. My success is due to perseverance, constant efforts and also by chance. I would like to take this opportunity to thank many of my good instructors, my very nice counsellor Hoai Huong Bush, and a lot of helpful friends too.                

They are very cute, aren't they?

My Favorite Links: http://www.oocities.org/tnhungoc,http://phanthiet.vietmedia.com/beteo


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My Info:Laughter, the Best Medicine.


Lucky Nhieu Qui