UT players special!!

Download pk-ready maps- These are great Unreal Tournament maps converted to Q3 by great mappers which you can read on the readme.txt files. Maps are intact with the only casual replacement of ammo and weapons to suit the mod. No new textures, items or weapons have been added, just replaced some. If you are one of the authors and wish the maps removed from the site just e-mail.

UPDATED 8/29/01- Replaced for the revised one by UncleFukka, which cured some type of error that was encountered on my version. So if you d/l previous to 8/29, please replace with this newer version. THANKS UNCLEFUKKA!
DOWNLOAD NOW - (big download, but wortth it- 2.2 Mb)
DOWNLOAD NOW - (great level, 0.8 Mb)
Screenshots, click picture to see 800 x 600 jpg.
Morpheus UT level for Pkarena

Colddeck UT map for pka
Colddeck map
Colddeck map for UT