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~~Soaring High, Over The Mountaintops: "Come Ride my dream"~~


Hello and welcome to my website.
My name is Tony I was born in 1925. I have seen and done quite a bit.
I became a pilot after I served in the Navy during World War 2.
I flew over the sea, was on the sea, and was also under the sea in submarines.
I still fly, but I am retired now.
I am a writer and the author of several books, books of the things
I have witnessed and experienced.

Check out my new book entitled
Growing Up Through The Depression and During The War.
Both paperback and hardback copies are available.
Also available is my own DVD tape which features my newest book, Life After The Depression And The War, as well as my first book, Come Ride My Dream, and Growing Up Through The Depression and During The War

The True Life Story Of Tony

About Me And The Great American Dream
© By Tony

The story of my life

I have been with A O L for over two years and enjoy many of the places to visit.
I have been able to find many helpful areas that helped me research my books.
I also like going to the A.R.R.P chat rooms and talking
to the wonderful people of our great country.

My hobbies are flying, enjoying my wonderful wife and family.
And selling my books. I have always loved the western movies with John Wayne.
I also love the adventures of flying movies. I have been involved
with a lot of football and baseball. I really enjoyed coaching Little League in football.
My hobby is flying and writing the stories of my life.

I also wrote a book called COME RIDE MY DREAM

Flying from New Jersey and places around the country.
If you would like a copy they are on sale for $22.50.
If you would like any one of my books,just E-Mail me with your choice.
After you contact me, I will mail it to you postage free anywhere in the U.S.A.


This is and excerpt from my book COME RIDE MY DREAM.
The excerpts will change often.


One time when work was very slow in the union, we heard that there was a job
going on in Franklin County. So when Bob, the union delegate,
went up there to investigate, he found that it was being done with non-union labors.
And when he met the boss and was telling him that he would have to go union, the
boss got mad and told Bob to leave his property. They had an argument and Bob left.
When he came back, he reported it to the headquarters of the union.
They told him he had to have more proof other than
his word, so when we all met at our local union headquarters,
he was telling us that we had to get on the property and take pictures of the job.
When we showed up on the job to take pictures they ran us off.
They also went out and had a judgment against us tresspassing on their property.
So after a while Bob didn’t know what to do, and while we were talking,
I said, “ I can get those pictures for you with no problem”.
He said how can you do that, we’ve had four or five men up there that could not do it?"
I said just leave it to me and you will have them tomorrow”.
I left him with a puzzled look on his face and did not tell him how I was
going to do it. I got a hold of Tony Pahowic and told him what my plan was.
I would rent a small Piper Cub at the airport and fly over
the job site. I needed Tony to take the pictures while I would fly the airplane.
When we got to the job site Tony started taking pictures from different angles.
We were almost done when he said, "I don’t know if they will be to clear or not.
Can we go lower?" I said, "I’m at the legal altitude now so I
can go down for a quick pass over the site.
Be ready to collect the pictures fast. And with that, I turned that airplane pretty
suddenly into what we pilots call a wing over, going to the
bottom and started diving down on the job pretty fast and low.
As we went across the job site Tony was clicking away with the camera.
At one point I was so close to the building
that an ironworker that was sitting on top of one of the beams
for the roof thought I was going to crash into the building.
He made a gesture with his arms in the air as we passed right by him.
The next day when I took the pictures to Bob Butler
for the union headquarters to see, they were all amazed to what good pictures we got.
The one everyone commented about was the one showing the ironworker on top of that I
beam with his eyes as big as saucers looking scared to death.
It looked like we were about five feet away
from him looking at the picture. I know I could have gotten into a lot of trouble from
doing what I did that very day. I could have lost my license to fly again.
But it did do the job the union headquarters wanted.
Anyway A few days later the job went union. Ironically I had to go and work
with some of the men I had flown over that one day.
Of course they all thought I was crazy and maybe they were right.
But it put a lot of union men to work.

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