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He and She - Dialogue

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He was in the field leaning on a tree of poison berries.  She was in the field sitting on a large rock.

He said, “So Naya, what’s your story?” 

She said, “You want me to tell you a storyAwww!” 

“Ah!  A sense of humour then?  So you’re not as mean and horrible as they say you are!” he laughed. 

“I can’t help it if I’m a little bit famous.  It’s just part of my line of work”, she smiled. 



      “You’re a little bit ‘notorious’.  It’s just part of your line of work”, he smiled.  

      “Thanks for pointing that out.  Well, as for me being mean and horrible, it depends on how well you treat me?  I’m a nice girl really”. 

      “Oh, that’s nice to know.  That is, that you’re a nice girl.  But it also means that a lot of people have treated you badly to cause you to get such a reputation for being mean and horrible, since you’re a nice girl really”. 

      “Haha!” she laughed, “By the way, do you always have the habit of repeating things?” 

      “Haha!” he laughed, “Yes, I do.  I always have the habit of repeating things.  It comes in useful for teaching people and helping them remember my instructions.  This, by the way reminds me…  How many men do you have?” 

      “Excuse me?!” 

      “Haha!  Yes I do.  I always have the habit of re-”

      “No, I heard that part!” she exclaimed! 

      “How many men do you have?  That is, under your command?” 

      “Oh!” she said, “600 now”. 

      “600” he said, “not bad!”

      “Women actually”


      “Yes, women

      “All of them?”

      “Yes, all of them”

      “What are you gonna do with 600 women?!” he asked. 

      “I’m a woman!” she said.

      “Good point!” 

      “And I got this far!” she said. 

      “Good point!” 

      “But I must admit, it is difficult to workwith them.  They are very difficult to teach discipline to”

      “Yeah.  They probably don’t have the natural aggression that men do” 

      “Yeah!  These women’s aggression is unnatural!  They’re out of control!”   



  Copyright 2007 High.Fantasy