High Chairs

High Chairs


High Chairs - Premium comfort and ergonomics. We have high chairs For ages 4 months to 4 years.
Exquisite nursery furniture ranges and interiors to decorate baby's room. ... high chairs.
With our Highchairs ranges to choose from, and Create your dream nursery with our
stylish and colourful high chairs.

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Why High Chairs?

keep baby snug and secure, then adjust to fit as baby grows, Converts to a booster as your
child grows. The 5 High Chairs being recalled have five options for use: high chair, infant feeding,
youth chair, play chair and booster seat. The chair's seat can be used in a reclined infant position
or adjusted into seven upright height positions for toddlers. It has four tray positions,a vinyl seat
pad and a removable footrest. The chair's leg support bar, tray and on a sticker on the bottomof
the seat. The restraint system consists of a waist/crotch belt and a plastic T-bar attached to
the tray.


Highchairs Materials

Natural lacquered hard wood - high chairs
Antique Pine Finish With Blue Gingham - high chairs
Chromium finish Metal - high chairs


Care and Recommendations of high chairs

CARE: We've have received 168 reports of incidents involving the high chairs' seats or restraints,
including 57 injury reports, primarily to the head and face. Two children reportedly suffered slight
concussions; twelve children were monitored for head injuries; and others suffered swollen eyes,
bloody noses and lips, bumps and bruises.

Recommendation: Consumers should stop using these high chairs immediately,and order a free
repair kit by calling (800) 221-6736 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.
Consumers also may visit the company's web site at http://www.cheekybrats.co.uk to order
a free repair kit and to obtain instructions for proper assembly and use. When contacting
CheekyBrats, consumers should have the chair in front of them to provide the model number
and four-digit manufacture date, which are located on the bottom of the seat.
The manufacture date will determine which repair kit is needed.


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