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High Hopes Academy is located in Southwest Virginia, on a piece of land we call Home! We are a homeschooling family and this is where we tell about all of our adventures. I have homeschooled my children for the past 11 years and we wouldn't have it any other way. We learn utilizing all the wonderful creations the Lord has blessed us with. We are a very hands-on eclectic family and love learning through literature and nature. If you enjoy teaching your children with Hands-On techniques and are looking for lesson ideas, curriculum or projects to do, then you have come to the right place. I have also written some of our own  Curriculum.  I started with the My Little Primer and utilized the My First Little House books writen by Laura Ingalls Wilder. While learning (or brushing up on) their Alphabet your children will learn all about the Characters of Little House and the places they traveled to. All the while creating a FRIEND of your own (somewhat like the Rag Doll Mary Ingalls had). You and your child will make yummy treats, clothing and furniture for your FRIENDS. Be sure to click on the link below  and check it out. There are ordering instructions there as well. Also take some time to browse around our CLASSROOM and FAMILY links as well. I hope you enjoy your visit and check back often to see what new things we have been up to.
Happy Teaching and I hope to get to know you soon.                                                         Always, Mama C
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Back in 2000 I started using the Little House on the Prairie books as our main study material along with Margie Gray's Prairie Primer. Seeing that my children were a bit young yet to gleen from the Prairie Primer I decided to put together our own little study guide to meet the needs and ages of my children. We were learning our Alphabet (or brushing up on our handwriting skills) and from reading the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, learning how they lived, where they lived, and about all the charactors in her stories. Before I knew it I had created what we called... "Making A Friend". The girls just loved the rag doll that Mary received as a gift so I had the idea of making a Rag Doll while working through the study guide. I shared it with a few friends and before I knew it became a published curriculum. It is now available to everyone.
This study guide is geared for children ages 2 ~ 10. (the older children will learn sewing skills and homesteading skills) The first primer being "Making A Friend" your children will learn to read, recognize and write the alphabet while learning about the pioneer lifestyle. There are also Bible verses to go along with each letter of the alphabet.
Starting with a plain body Rag Doll your child will name the doll, dress the doll, and cook and clean up after the doll. They will have so much fun they won't even realize they are schooling.
There are no MANDATORY books needed to purchase outside of the primer. Most libraries have the Little House on the Prairie books and the My First Little House books. You can borrow them as you go or purchase the one's you want.
The primer MAKING A FRIEND sells for
$19.99 (this is a cardstock laminated cover ~ front and back ~ with a comb binding).
$15.99 (this is a hole punched 'binder' ready copy for a three ring binder you provide for yourself).
both primers come with a 24" X 24" map of the United States (so you can track where the Ingalls lived), the pattern for the doll, patterns for clothing, and reproduceable pages for activities.
You can also purchase a pre-made (plain) doll body for $10.00
Shipping will be decided at time of purchase. If you are interested in the primer, or have any questions please feel free to
EMAIL me and I can give you the ordering instructions or answer your questions. 
I am also working on another primer and hope to have it  available for purchase by June of 2008
It will be Me and My Friend. I have used the names of the 'Friends' that were made by the families that purchased Making A Friend, and continued with learning more of the pioneer lifestyle. This primer will be focused on character training (making friends) and building furniture for our friends, making more clothing and so much more. Stay tuned and I will be sure to let you know when it is printed.
True cover not yet created.
I have also created a coloring book utilizing the names of "Friends" that were created by those who purchased the My Little Primer curriculum. Your child will learn to count while they color and learn the Ten Commandments.
The coloring book is 12" X 18" with a center page for your child to draw a picture of their own "Friend". This is a coloring book that your child will want to keep even after it is all colored in.
These are currently for sale @ $4.50
*shipping will be added at time of purchase*
If you would like to order the coloring book or have any questions please feel free to email me.

Read more about the My Little Primer and my other books HERE