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Hi! My name's Aimee, and some of you who know me might know me as "highaim" (-B . I am also known as Harley Ridin' Gomer (#859). If you don't know me, but are just out visiting in the hood, WELCOME! Come on in, have a seat...would you like a cup of coffee? Let me tell you a little about myself................

First of all, I'm a Christian. I like to tell people that first, because Jesus is the primary focus of my life. Some people are immediately turned-off when I tell them I love Jesus, but let me assure you, Jesus loves us no matter where we're at in life! If you're interested in knowing more about my relationship with Jesus, and what He's done for me, you're welcome to read my testimony! You're also welcome to visit the church I was saved in, and we were baptized and married in, or the church we currently attend....

Astrologist's say I'm a Saggitarius, although I don't really believe in all that jumble! According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (a really cool personality test), I'm an ESFJ (Extraverted/ Sensing/ Feeling/Judgement). But....don't put your faith in that one it changes every time I take the test! Lets my spare time (ya right) I like to read, and I write poetry. I have published a book on domestic violence and I am very excited about that! I also like to explore my creativity with graphics, sounds, and fonts in my computer. You're welcome to view and copy some of the Christian art work I have created!! When I don't have spare time, which is almost all the time, I am busy working, or keeping up with my 3 children! I also administrate our ministry for Christians in abusive relationships: FAM!

"Where do I work", you ask? Well, I've spent the last few years as a Social Worker for a Foster Family Agency. I am a current member of the North American Association of Christian Social Workers. Prior to social work, I worked with domestic violence victims and perpetrators, and worked as the researcher for San Bernardino County Probation Department's Juvenile Challenge Grant. Speaking of San Bernardino County, I moved from Joshua Tree, California, after having lived there for more than 15 years. Yes...that is where U2 took their Joshua Tree album photo...and where Third Day took their photo for the Come Together album (I am a HUGE Third Day fan). And yes, for those seismologists out there....I did survive the June 1992 7.5 Landers Earthquake, and moved just a few weeks prior to the 7.1 Hector Mine Earthquake. I now live in California's lower central valley, and find myself near another awesome National Park, Yosemite!

Anyway, I am 29 years old, and graduated in June 1997 from California State University, San Bernardino with a Master's degree in Criminal Justice. I also got my Bachelor's degree in Psychology there. It's a great school! "What a strange combination of degrees", you comment. Well, yes. What more can I say except that He is the potter and I am the clay? I am currently working at a snail's pace on a PhD in conflict management from Trinity Theological Seminary....and have been prayerfully considering apprenticeship as a midwife!?!

"Well okay, Aimee, now that I know a little more about who you are, what do you look like", you ask? are actually gonna ask me that? Well.....PICTURES are finally here!

And finally, you ask about my family? Well, I was married for 9 years, and after a stint of single-motherhood, remarried in April of 1999. If you want to know more about that aspect of my life, please take the time to read my testimony. Being a mom isn't always easy, but keeping my Focus on the Family helps! My first child, Justin, is now 13 years old. My second, Amanda is 10, is the only girl, and the middle child on top of that! My third, Jared just reached that wonderful age of 7! (-B Hey...if you're interested in Christian family issues, I subscribe to this free and really cool on-line magazine....I frequently post in the Family Life's Marriage and Family Theology forum. I warn you....I am known for my "alternative" theology on marriage and divorce. I am also totally into curvy country roads! Anyway....that's about all my humble life consists of......have fun exploring!

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One more thing.....if you stopped in because of the title theme of this page (on the "front door")...Praise God for His calling in your spirit! This is Jesus's great invitation to all........"Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light" (Matthew 11:28). No matter where you're at in life, Jesus invites you to come just as you are (-B!!! To view more Scriptures like this one, you're welcome to visit my "life Scriptures" page!

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