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Dear guest:The site has been restyled and put onto my cable account,where I have more space to make the site the way I want it...
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   Hope to see you there again!! :-)
Thanx to the visitors and plz visit the new site too..
History [:] Cyborg Clan TFC

[:]HighCmdr.Data's log,Stardate 21010606.1900

Hi,I'm the clanleader,
I already played games for a couple of years (Quake 1,2 ; Grand-Prix ; Need for Speed) but only in single-player mode. Cause back then I used my parents' computer (I hadn't my own computer yet, since I didn't know much about the possibilities at this point) and it had just a 28.8k modem.
By the end of 1999 I had a lot of 'work' to do with my Tiffany fansite www.heartbeatz.de,and since then I was online more and more. I decided to get a cable-connection because I wanted to start playing games online as well.. My brother installed a few games for me and the 1st one, Unreal Tournament,made me addicted to playing internet-games.

I played a lot and first used my 'all day' nickname 'Data','cause I'm a huge Startrek fan and a friend of mine calls me Data, after the android in Startrek Next Generations. Later on after watching the comedy series "3rd Rock from the Sun" I promoted myself to High Commander. I used [:]HighCmdr.Data as my name on the Internet. Data is a cyborg, actually an android. He is known for his strength and his goal to become as human as possible.
In Startrek most of the times the humans of Starfleet win, but there are a few races that are almost indestructable,like The Borg! These Borg assimilate everyone. Even Data, untill he strikes back and wins.

In 2000 I was considdering a clan of my own. Play seriously with some mates in a team against others... I was already asked by other clans but they lived in the US. Because of the time difference it became difficult so I said no. Instead I started my own clan.From that moment on the [:]Cyborg Clan was born! With HighCmdr.Data as Clanleader.
While playing on the [NL]Gamepoint server, I started assimilating members for my clan. The 1st one that was assimilated was Luckyboy,  the 2nd one was LoRE, now [:]LoRE (a.k.a.Rainman or Booth).

We now have a nice group of members, but could use more... We play friendly wars and are registed in Clanbase and many other clan-databases and we practice in the weekends. During weekdays we play as often as we can. If you are interested in joining this clan, read the
rules.We also play UT,so If you think you can be a good member, contact me. We have a clanserver,so if you'd like to practice with our clan,feel free to contact us...


Data out.

About [:]HighCmdr.Data(NL)
Name: [:]HighCmdr.Data(NL)
Email: HighCmdr.Data@animail.net
Age: 32 Country:The Netherlands



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If I manage to get the original CoolPage program,I can keep the new site :-)
Still my thanks to Geocities for this free webspace,so I could create my first Clansite...
Q'apla! Rest in peace.. Data out..
Definition of Data = Digital Artificial Troubleshooting Android
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