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I have a mission to get P2P, and if I get enough support, within a few months, I could GIVE P2P to my most trusted friends. For the meantime, a click on my sponsors (after confirmation) will get you a gem. 5 gems is worth a star! Earn a gem simply by using a sponsor!

Once you have clicked email me here

Search for anything, In fact, Search for MadOnion's Exp Calculator for Runescape!! It ownz!

If you try to trick me, i will know and u will get a spanking! ;)

The table below will show the number of stars you have, if you reach a number of stars then you may choose a prize. Or, you can keep going and go for bigger prizes! One line will win you 5k!!! You gain stars by posting on the forum regularly, with useful comments, and also by helping out fellow clan members, and referrals. However, you lose all stars once you claim a prize, and will lose stars for inappropriate behaviour and inactivity.


MightyAnkh Y
RedFive Y
Evilandyroo YY
Vlad's Fiend  
BobJr PK