~Ores and Bar Shop~



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This ore and bar shop is for members only, and is provided as discounted ore for their benefit. 40% of profit goes to the Imperial Rune Knights Treasury. If you wish to mine for the shop, then email me here

Current Miners: Zenemis, Submiqent, Quartex, Evilandyroo

Brought to you by: Zenemis

Metal Cost of Ore (gp) Cost of Bar (gp)
Copper  5 15
Tin 5
Iron 20 45
Coal 80 200 (Steel)
Silver 80 100
Gold 160 200
Mithril 180 600


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This will fundraise P2P for Imperial Rune Knights and its members!

i will later be able to send you money to buy P2P (Ill try me best, if i can't i guess im gonna be giving out alot of ore!