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Higher Yield 2002
         erhaps many of you have lost a huge amount of investment on games online that promised to pay double or even more in a matter of days. 

I know how it feels to lose money on something you believed in, that's why I thought of this program so I can bring change and help you gain. 

Higher Yield 2002 will run honestly and faithfully, and will yield higher earnings for you in a matter of 2-5 days.  I hope to stay with you for a very long time but this will only be possible through your active participation in the program and by promoting and rating  the game at the Pool of Gold Network.

The program is very simple, just follow the instructions and soon you'll be off to gaining higher yields as you earn 120%-200% in returns.

How to play:

1.  Spend reasonably.  Min. $10- Max. $100
2.  Pay to
e-gold # 501191
3.  Write your e-mail address and referre'r's  
      ID on the memo field.
4.  Post at Pool of after successfully
      made a spend.
5.  Remember the last digit of your e-gold
       batch number coz this will determine how
       much you will receive on the second 

       For example:
       Day 1 - spend
       Day 2 - receive 10%
       Batch #'s ending with:
       0-2 - receive 120% after 3 days
       3-6 - receive 150% after 4 days
       7-9 - receive 200% after 5 days

General Rules:

1.  Spend in increments of 10.
2.  An admin. fee of 10% will  be deducted
      from the second payout.
3.  Payouts will be done  at 1-3PM(Pacific
      Time)  No payouts during Sundays.
4.  Referrer will receive $1 for every new
      referral. (referrer must have made an initial       spend before considered a referrer)
5.  Post and promote at Pool of

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