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Konnichi-wa, minna-san! You've just stumbled upon the personal site of the JazZKidS, a friendship group composed of 5 normal but extraordinary Filipino high school girls--Cza, Ram, Rio, Chris, and Sol. YEP... That's us! Cheerful, smart, optimistic girls, in fact.Well, since this is our personal stuff, you'll get to see simply more about us, our fandoms, our funstuff! XD This site is still under construction, mmkay? So please do bear with us, and thanks very much as well. ^^ Enjoy. ♥ Navigation is below.


The truth is JazZKidS mean that we're just ordinary kids. It all started with Chris-- in her third CCS fanfiction. JazZKidS is her word invention, take note of that. We are not popular or anything, but we're special in our own ways. ^^ We're not saying we're the counterpart of 'Popkids' or anything, I mean, there's no group of such name now, is it? Oh, and the big letter J and the Z and the K and S are as is *hiphop manner*.

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