The BTVS Screenplays I Have Added My Character Into

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Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", "Angel" or any of it's plotlines or characters. They all belong to Mutant Enemy, Fox, Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, Warner Brothers Inc., and UPN. However, my character, Steven Windsor, belongs to me.

Personal Note: Those who read the episodes probably realize that over the course of the years in the screenplays, my character has developed an intense distaste for Anya. I personally do not have a problem with Anya, as I think she is a hilarious character, not to mention the immense amount of respect I have for Emma Caulfield. :-) I just felt that having my character not like Anya would spice things up. For those wondering why he doesn't like her, he feels that since she's been around for such a long period of time, she should know more than the average human, but what he just doesn't realize is that she spent most of her time as a demon practicing vengeance and wasn't really up on the nuances of being an actual human.

My character feels that he was wrong for insulting her and putting her down, so, to rectify the situation, he apologizes in his final scene of the last episode of Season 6.

Now, let me give you guys some information about this whole thing. I've created a character and intertwined him into the Buffy universe. It started as a movie screenplay, but then after creating two characters for an episode of "Party of Five" (the "Intervention" episode), I got an idea.

Why not do it for "Buffy"?

Long story short, one episode became two, two became four, four became six, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. *lol*

I hope you guys like the screenplays and the character! :)

You must have Adobe Acrobat and WinZip (or another .zip program) to unzip and read the screenplays.

A description of my created BTVS character

A .zip file of 22 episodes of Season 2
For the episode guide for Season 2, go here.

A .zip file of all 22 episodes of Season 3
For the episode guide for Season 3, go here.
If you want to know where I got the song that Steven sings in "Helpless", click here.
[or if you just want the song itself. lol]
[mp3, not .zip]

A .zip file of 21 episodes of Season 4 and one episode of Angel.
The file contains every "Buffy" Season 4 episode except for "Hush". I had Steven visit Los Angeles at that point, so he is in the Season 1 "Angel" episode "Parting Gifts"
Parting Gifts Angel Season 1, Episode 10
Wesley appears on the trail of a demon who’s stealing others’ powers.
For the episode guide for Season 4, go here.

A .zip file of all 22 episodes of Season 5.
For the episode guide for Season 5, go here.

A .zip file of the first 8 episodes of Season 6, 7 episodes of "Angel" Season 3, and the last 5 episodes of Season 6.
For the episode guide for Season 6, go here.
Steven goes to Los Angeles at the end of the "Buffy" episode "Wrecked", then comes back for "Entropy"...keeping him in L.A. for the "Angel" episodes:
Birthday, Provider, Waiting in the Wings, Couplet, Loyalty, Sleep Tight, and Forgiving.

For the episode guide for the "Angel" Season 3 episodes, go here...but stop after "Forgiving".

I Hope You Guys Like The Screenplays!

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