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A Web Site for Highgate Volunteers
This site is a place where volunteers can share information about the cemetery, biographies,photographs and other information. See links at lower left.
  • East Cemetery Information - this is what has been handed out as starting information to people doing the East Cemtery tours. The tours will include some of this info, but aren't restricted to it..
  • 8 Oct 2005: Alan's Cemetery Photographs A link to Alan's photographs of Highgate, Nunhead & Tower Hamlet, as well as photographs relating to Wombwell's menagerie.
  • 22 August 2005: Tour Notes for the Back PathComforts Corner to the Courtyard, past White Eagle Hill
  • Added 19 August Biography of James Holman whose grave is on the Back Path. Known as the Blind Traveller
  • 23 July 2005: View of the West Cemetery circa 1860From a stereo view card. Note the bell tower and turrets
  • 18 July 2005: Funeralea In Excelsis An article by Amoret Tanner, writer and collector, member of the Ephemera Society, examines the ephemera of Britain in mourning (by permission of author)
  • 11 July 2005: Contact Brief from the Chairman 8 July 2005 the latest missive
  • 11 July 2005 Contact Brief from the Chairman 29 April 2005
  • 25 May: Highgate Cemetery's listed structures and gravesites updated, including correction of a duplicate entry/error for the Whalley/Whallen monuments. As of May 2005 there are 4 monuments that we do not have photos of (Madox, Lovett, Teulon and Freebairn).

    E-mail a biography, article, photo or drawing to me the address shown bottom left. Be sure to include information on your sources. Comments and ideas to improve the site are welcome.

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