Team Policies / Code of Conduct
1. Each player is expected to maintain a high level of conduct. This means that each player is responsible and will be held accountable for his actions.

2. Players will be expected to treat teammates, coaches, officials, opposing players and coaches with the utmost courtesy and respect.

3. Use of illegal or performance enhancing drugs is not acceptable conduct.

4. Players are responsible for all team property that is lent/rented to them. Failing to properly care for this property is not acceptable conduct.

5. Attendance is crucial. As is punctuality. Players will be expected to be ready to practice at the set times. Players who are consistently late or absent will face limited or no game time for the following game.

6.  Smoking is not permitted on or around the field.

7. Alcohol is not permitted on or around the field.

8.  When in the Clubhouse, Players are expected to comply with the Clubhouse rules.

9. Players are expected to observe and comply with league rules.

10. Players will be expected to come mentally prepared for practice. Playbooks will be distributed to each player in sufficient time with the expectation that players will learn these.
11. Players will represent the Highland Bears in the community as respectable citizens. It is expected you represent the team with great character and pride.

12. Players will not be refunded registration fees after playing in the first game of the season if they choose to leave the team.

13. The coaching staff has the right to dimiss a player from the team without refund of registration fees if a code of conduct has been violated.