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It all started with this seven year old Howorthon-Duke Hulsey Hatch, a white legged lemon hackle red whose grand parents were originally acquired from the U.S. by Engineer Luis Mendoza of Pasig Square Garden thru Congressman James Chiongbian.

It was later sold and bought by Reynaldo "Boy" Roxas of Spercocks Fame from which an Uncle Mr. Antonio M. Icasiano, later acquired and who dedicatedly norture bred it for the last seven years.

It is a non-winner (never fought in the ring) but its four full line brothers were winners in Provincial derbies, fought by my grandfather, former Mayor Tikong Icasiano.

All of its offsprings registered an 80 percent winning average.

The ones that I fought, at 11 months - a green legged Blue Face Hatch cross can break at over 5 feet and another, a 7 month-blue legged lemon hackle also of the same battle cross lineage, cut-down effortlessly a seasoned 2 time champion.
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