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Hi there! I am highlander_freak, you can just call me Pazku. As you can tell I LOVE Highlander. Especially the series...I wish they had never stopped the series. I loved watching it, and I love watching the reruns on the Space channel. I hope you all love it too!
I have decided that I want to do a fan fic page... If you would like to help with teh fanfic please e-mail me your suggestions on a fanfic topic, or with your fanfic... I want to add as many as possible onto this page.

There will also be quotes and pic on this page, and a weekly game where you guys get to make funny quotes for pictures (5 pics a week) and the most humorous quotes will be put with the pictures. You have to eMail them to me (the quotes w/ the name of which pic the quote is for). Thanks!!

Visit these links to see some pics.
Methos Pics Duncan Pics Joe Pics

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